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Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger[1][2][3] (獣電戦隊キョウリュウジャー Jūden Sentai Kyōryūjā) is the title of the 37th entry in the Super Sentai series.

It replaced Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters, and joined Kamen Rider Wizard as part of the Super Hero Time block on TV Asahi. On October 6, 2013, it was joined by Kamen Rider Gaim as part of Super Hero Time, and was replaced by Ressha Sentai ToQger on Feburary 16, 2014.


"Dinosaurs plus humans. Crossing over billions of years to protect the world, History's strongest brave team has now appeared! You'll be surprised when you hear!"

Long ago, in the time of the dinosaurs, the Earth was invaded by an alien menace called Deboth, the leader of an invasion army. On the verge of extinction, some of the dinosaurs are transformed into Zyudenryu and seal Deboth and his forces in ice.

Now, in the modern world, the Deboth Army have thawed and now intend to commence the mass extinction of humanity while thawing their still frozen leader. But having prepared for it, Wise God Torin gathers the only people capable of helping the Zyudenryu stop the Deboth Army: "the People of the Great and Mighty Lizards" (強き竜の者 Tsuyoki Ryū no Mono), which has been shortened to "Kyoryugers" (キョウリュウジャー(強・竜・者) Kyōryūjā (Kyō・Ryū・Sha)).[4]


Main KyoryugersEdit


The Kyoryugers before transformation


Kyoryuger successors about to transform

Kyoryugers teams

The Kyoryugers in suits

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Designation Role Actor
Kyoryu Red Daigo Kiryu Dai-kun Ryo Ryusei
Kyoryu Black Ian Yorkland Icchan Syuusuke Saito
Kyoryu Blue Nobuharu Udo Nobuta-san Yamato Kinjo
Kyoryu Green Souji Rippukan Soujiro Akihisa Shiono
Kyoryu Pink Amy Yuuzuki Ami-neesan Ayuri Konno
Kyoryu Gold Utsusemimaru Uppi Atsushi Maruyama

Other KyoryugersEdit

Designation Role Actor
Kyoryu Cyan Ramirez Yuko Fukui Robert Baldwin Ayumi Kinoshita
Kyoryu Gray Tessai Shinya Tsukouchi Masayuki Deai
Kyoryu Violet Doctor Ulshade / Yayoi Ulshade Shigeru Chiba / Marie Iitoyo
Kyoryu Silver Wise God Torin Dantetsu Kiryu Toshiyuki Morikawa Shinji Yamashita

Future KyoryugersEdit


Future Kyoryugers


Future Kyoryugers in suits

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Designation Role Actor
Kyoryu Navy Dai-kun Ryo Ryusei
Kyoryu Blue 
(Armed On)
Nobuta-san Yamato Kinjo
Kyoryu Cyan Ami-neesan Ayuri Konno
Kyoryu Gray Soujiro Akihisa Shiono
Kyoryu Violet Uppi Atsushi Maruyama
Kyoryu Silver Icchan Syuusuke Saito


Kamen Rider Wizard Haruto SomaIcon-crosswiki
Kamen Rider Beast Kosuke NitohIcon-crosswiki
Kamen Rider 1 Takeshi HongoIcon-crosswiki
Space Sheriff Gavan Type‑G Geki JumonjiIcon-crosswiki
Space Sheriff Sharivan (New) Kai HyugaIcon-crosswiki
Space Sheriff Shaider (New) Shu KarasumaIcon-crosswiki
Kamen Rider Den‑O Sword MomotarosIcon-crosswiki



Deboth ArmyEdit

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D's Splinter FactionEdit

Deathryuger Ferocious Knight D

Space War God Borudosu's ArmyEdit


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The Kyoryugers with their ZyuDenRyu companions.

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Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger Episodes

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Opening theme
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  • This is the first season without a Yellow Ranger since Dengeki Sentai Changeman.
    • This is also the first season that has a Gold Ranger without a Yellow Ranger teammate.
    • After the airing of the first episode producer Takahito Omori explained that the omission of a Yellow Ranger was due to the perception that kids would see a male Yellow Ranger as feminine.[6]
  • This series brings back two elements that were previously integral parts of Super Sentai but were omitted from recent series:
    • The first series since Magiranger to use subtitles when a new character or mecha is introduced.
    • The first series since Goseiger to use an eyecatch for the midpoint break. Gokaiger and Go-Busters instead had their logo appear in the corner of the screen prior to and just after commercial breaks. It also marks the return of personal weapons for each team's member, as Gokaiger and Go-Busters are only relying on sidearms that acts as their personal weapons (with exception of GokaiSilver, Beet Buster and Stag Buster).
  • This is the first season since Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger to start off with four male Rangers and one female Ranger.
    • Engine Sentai Go-Onger doesn't count since while it is technically considered a five-person team, it still started with three members.
  • This is the second season to have a male Ranger with a light blue suit; the first is Ninja Sentai Kakuranger.
  • This is the first Sentai series to have warriors based off Auxillary Mecha, a concept introduced for Power Rangers Jungle Fury and the Bandai America toy line.
    • When transforming Ramirez and Tessai say "Spirit Ranger, Fire" instead of "Kyoryu Change" like the others.
  • This series share some similarities with Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger:
    • Both teams gain their powers from grand mechanic animals (Power Animals and Zyudenryu).
    • Both teams use collectible items that link to the mecha (Gao Jewels and Zyudenchi).
    • Both teams inherit the conflict with the villains from centuries ago.
    • Both Red Rangers are the last one to join the main team.
    • Both main teams only have 1 female.
    • Both 6th Rangers are warriors from the past.
      • They both were used as hosts for mask-origined members of the villains.
    • Both series played feature songs (Hibiki no Shirabe and Dino Soul) in episode 29. Their full versions are played in latter episodes as well.
    • Both series featured a Ranger able to sense attacks via sudden wind gusts.
  • The name "Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger" is a reversal of the name of an earlier season Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger.
  • With an average rating of 3.9%, Kyoryuger has the worst viewing figures in the history of the Super Sentai franchise.[7]
    • This continues the trend of declination numbers of average viewer's rate in Super Sentai series 4-years straight since Samurai Sentai Shinkenger.

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