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Ragi (ラギ Ragi): Magi's apprentice. Once a "Water human", he was intend to finish what his father started to restore the Water Metropolis. He sacrificed his humanity in order to survive without water by discarding the "Proof of Water" crystal on his tiara (which Ryuuwon crushed) and was transformed into a Jaakuryuu by Ryuuwon, who used him to find the Aqua Crystal. He could not regain his composure until Satoru took him under his protection. Eventually, Ragi was able to free the Aqua Cystal from a volcano and his transformation paid off. After Naga was terminated by Ultimate DaiBouken, Ragi put the Aqua Crystal in its rightful place and returned to the City of Water, but, couldn't step into the sea waters until Satoru gave him the new crystal forged from the shattered remains of his father's Proof of Water as a thanks for the "greatest adventure".

Behind the scenesEdit


Ragi was portrayed by Takeru Shibaki (柴木 丈瑠 Shibaki Takeru), who previously portrayed Kai Samezu (GaoBlue) in Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger.


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