Shinken Tenkuu Shinkenoh
Tenkuu ShinkenOh
Combined From:
  • ShishiOriGami
  • RyuuOriGami
  • KameOriGami
  • KumaOriGami
  • Saru Origami
  • KabutoOriGami
  • KajikiOriGami
  • ToraOriGami
Sentai Show: Samurai Sentai Shinkenger
First Appearance:
Last Appearance:
Number of Episode

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Length: 16.9 m to 24.1 m
Width: 35.6 m
Height: 52.3 m
Weight: 1900 t
Speed: 500 km/h

Super Samurai Gattai Tenkuu ShinkenOh (超侍合体テンクウシンケンオー Chō Samurai Gattai Tenkuu Shinken'ō Super Samurai Combination Sky True Sword King) is the combination of Samurai Gattai ShinkenOh and DaiTenku. In this combination, DaiTenku grants ShinkenOh the ability to fly. It performs it's own variation of ShinkenOh's Daishinken Samurai Slash in Tenku Bamboo Slice (天空唐竹割り Tenkū Karatake Wari). The Tenkuu-ShinkenOh can also be summoned by a single Super Shinkenger, using the InroMaru and Cho Samurai Gattai Disc.

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