Super MegaPink=


In an incident where Miku was "evolved" by Bibidebi, she became "Super MegaPink"/"Super Miku". In this form, she gained super-strength as well as the ability to use all weapons as MegaPink, as well as being able to become more athletic even in her normal human guise. Further, her mind had become highly developed to gain an IQ of 800.Ep. 17: Way Cool! The Sexy Super Miku


Special Abilities

  • Telephone Search: MegaPink scans and analyzes sound waves. As Super MegaPink, she was able to use her audio scanning to locate the GamaNejire eggs simply by the sound of their hatching.

|-| Mega Tector=

File:DSM-Mega Tector Pink.png

INET Mecha


Special Attacks

  • Rainbow Impulse


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