Shuttle Voyager-2Edit

Shuttle Voyager-2
Pilot: MegaBlack
Length: 33 m
Width: 25 m
Height: 12.5 m
Weight: 8500 tons
Speed: Mach 10

Template:Seealso Shuttle Voyager-2 (シャトルボウジャー2 Shatoru Boijā Tsū) is the space shuttle-themed Voyager Machine piloted by MegaBlack. Shuttle Voyager-2 is armed with dual wing mounted laser guns. 

During the formation of Mega Voyager, Shuttle Voyager's rear thrusters forms the Mega Voyager's head, with the rest of its body becomes the Voyager Shield. In the toy version, Shuttle Voyager can be attached on the top of Rocket Voyager's thrusters. This function was never seen in the show.

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