Saucer Voyager-4Edit

Saucer Voyager-4
Pilot: MegaYellow
Length: 34.5 m
Width: 34 m
Height: 9.5 m
Weight: 8500 tons
Speed: Mach 5

Template:Seealso Saucer Voyager-4 (ソーサーボイジャー4 Sōsā Boijā Fō) is the the UFO spaceship-themed Voyager Machine piloted by MegaYellow. Saucer Voyager is armed with dual laser cannons in its nose.

During the formation of Mega Voyager, Saucer Voyager forms the shoulders, arms, and upper torso. Additionally the jet engines also serve as the firing apparatus for Mega Voyager's Voyager Pulsar attack.

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