Rocket Voyager-3Edit

Rocket Voyager-3
Pilot: MegaBlue
Length: 16.6 m
Width: 16.6 m
Height: 83 m
Weight: 9000 tons
Speed: (Atmosphere) Mach 10
(Stratosphere) Mach 37

Template:Seealso Rocket Voyager-3 (ロケットボイジャー3 Roketto Boijā Surī) is the space rocket-themed Voyager Machine piloted by MegaBlue. Rocket Voyager-3 lacks any weapons and instead serves to help carry Rovoyager into battle. With Rovoyager riding on top of it, the two can perform the Voyager Double Attack (ボイジャーダブルアタック Boijā Daburu Atakku), where Rovoyager fires its missile batteries as Rocket Voyager rams through the opponent.

During the formation of Mega Voyager, Rocket Voyager's thrusters become the legs, its fuselage part of the upper torso, and its nose becomes the Voyager Spartan.

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