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Neziregia is an alternate dimension that exists within the world of Denji Sentai Megaranger. Evil Electro-King Javious I rule it.

It's unknown how Neziregia came into existence, considering the circumstances by which it does exist. The dimension itself is in actuality a zone filled and created by Nezire Energy, the source of which is the "Javious Heart" within the Death Neziros spacecraft. The dimension surrounds the Death Neziros, with Nezire Energy surrounding it.

Aside from Javious, who appeared to be a being who ruled the dimension like a god but was wholly locked within the Death Neziros unknowingly, many other creatures were born or created within the space as if their lifeforms. All of the Kunekune are beings created from the Nezire Energy, as are more complex lifeforms such as the monstrous Guirail.

To gain the means to conquer the dimension of Earth, Javious lures scientist Professor Samejima from the company known as I.N.E.T. into this world, unknowing of the scientist's ambitions and desires for control.Ep. 8: Will We Lose!? Reverse Teamwork Rechristening himself as Dr. Hinelar, the scientist became the commander of Neziregia's forces but began performing his experiments as he used his mind to discover the truth behind the dimension. Ultimately learning the reality of the Javious Heart within the Death Neziros, Hinelar creates his Jaden Sentai Neziranger as a means to both combat the Megaranger created by I.N.E.T. after his departure and to drain his master of energy. When the Neziranger is destroyed, Javious dies. Likewise, Neziregia is destroyed, with all the remaining Nezire Energy within the Javious Heart and Hinelar's hands as the ship heads to Earth.Ep. 43: We Won't Lose! The Decisive Battle is on Christmas Eve

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