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Moroboshi High School (諸星学園) is the high school that the Megarangers went to. The Megarangers primary operate from their club room "Digital Club Room". Occasionally Yuusaku Hayakawa would visit the other Megarangers there while he was on Earth.

Following the exposure of the Megaranger's secret identities, they were expelled and forced to go away. When Mr. Kurosawa was sent by the principal to lock up their club room, he noticed a woman (Shibolena) there and was injured (she was there to use the Megaranger's computer to locate the I.N.E.T. Moonbase). During the final battle, the school is able to come around and cheer the Megarangers on. When Dr. Hinelar set Grand Neziros to self-destruct, to protect the school, the Megarangers sacrifice the Mega Voyager and nearly their lives to protect both the school and the people there. The graduation ceremony was then held where the Megaranger arrive, revealing they survived and then officially take their High School diplomas.

In Gokaiger, the Gokaigers become students at the school for a day to get the Greater Power of Megaranger from Kenta Date (MegaRed) who became a teacher there. The school also becomes the site of a bomb threat by Basco ta Jolokia, who also wants the greater power, but the plot is foiled by the Gokaigers. Why? We're High School Students

Moroboshi High was among the sponsors for the Zyuman Circus. Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger the Movie: The Heart Pounding Circus Panic




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