This article is about an list of merchandise in Denji Sentai Megaranger.

A list of merchandise for the 21st Super Sentai series Denji Sentai Megaranger.

The 1990sEdit


Metallic Megaranger Figures

Metallic Megaranger Figures

Megaranger Metallic Figures-Each figure sold separately. Mega Red, Mega Black, Mega Blue, Mega Yellow, Mega Pink, and Mega Silver.

Mega Red Figure

Mega Red Figure

Mega Red Figure-Comes with weapons.

Flip-Head Megaranger Figures

Flip-Head Megaranger Figures

Flip-Head Megaranger Figures-Each sold separately, press the belt buckle, and the figure's head would flip to reveal the face.

Megaranger 5 Set

Megaranger 5 Set

Megaranger 5 Set-Five Megaranger in one set with moveable arms.


Digitizer (Toy)


Digitizer-The five Megaranger's transformation item comes with a wrist brace and includes sounds and lights. Box incorrectly has it as 'Degitaizer.

Keitaizer (Toy)


Keitaizer-Mega Silver's transformation phone comes with lights and sounds.

Battle Raizer (Toy)

Battle Riser

Battle Riser-Comes with lights and sounds. Box incorrectly has it as 'Battleraizer.

Megasniper Set (Toy)

Megasniper Set

Mega Sniper-Belt, Hostler, badge, Mega Magnum, and Mega Shot.

Drillsaber (Toy)


Drill Saber-Mega Red's Drill Saber and accessories.

MultiAttack Set (Toy)

MultiAttack Set

Multi Attack Rifle-Comes with four weapons that combine. 

Silverblazer (Toy)


Silver Blazer-Mega Silver's weapon comes with gauntlet and lights and sound.


Cyber Slider (Toy)

Cyber Sliders

Cyber Sliders-Each sold separately, comes with figure, weapon, and Cyber Slider.

Auto Slider (Toy)

Auto Slider

Auto Slider-Mega Silver figure comes with weapons and Cyber Slider that become Auto Slider.

Digitank (Toy)


Digitank-Armor vehicle with working wheels and can fit two figures inside. DigiHand extends out.

Grip Fighter -1 (Toy)

Grip Fighter #1

Grip Fighter #1-Includes Mega Red figure, launch Cyber Slider from grip remote.

Grip Fighter -2 (Toy)

Grip Fighter #2

Grip Fighter #2-Launch Mega Shuttle from grip remote.

Grip Fighter -3 (Toy)

Grip Fighter #3

Grip Fighter #3-Launch Delta Mega from grip remote.


Deluxe Galaxy Mega

Deluxe Galaxy Mega

Galaxy Mega-Two ships make one Robo. The Shuttle Booster can also add weapons to the MegaShip by separating into three pieces with the fuel tank becoming a cannon on the underbelly and the rocket boosters go on the sides.

Deluxe Delta Mega

Deluxe Delta Mega

Delta Mega-Ship becomes Robo. It can combine with GalaxyMega to become the Super Galaxy Mega.

Deluxe Super Galaxy Mega

Deluxe Super Galaxy Mega

Super Galaxy Mega-Two Robos.

Deluxe Mega Voyager

Deluxe Mega Voyager

Mega Voyager-Five different Voyager Machines (Rovoyager-1, Shuttle Voyager-2, Rocket Voyager-3, Saucer Voyager-4, and Tank Voyager-5) combine to make one big robo.

Deluxe Mega Winger

Deluxe Mega Winger

Mega Winger-Mega Silver's ship becomes a Robo.

Galaxy Mega (Toy)

Galaxy Mega

Galaxy Mega- Un-transforming smaller version of Galaxy Mega Robo comes with accessories.

Mega Ship (Toy)

Mega Ship

Mega Ship-Mega Ship comes with miniature Mega Shuttle, Mega Red, Cyber Slider, and other accessories.

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