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Mega Winger (Megaranger)
Number: none assigned
Pilot: MegaSilver
Sentai: Denji Sentai Megaranger
First Appearance: Ep. 35: Overcome! Mega Silver's Greatest Crisis
Last Appearance: Final Ep.: Seize it! Our Diplomas
Number of Episode
10 (Megaranger)
1 (movie)
Full list of appearances
Length: 38.6 m
Width: 41.3 m
(Wingspan): 70 m
Height: m
Weight: 30,000 tons
Speed: 300 km/h
Mach 3
Power: 55,000,000
File:DSM-Mega Winger Fighter Mode.png
|250px|center|Mega Winger Fighter Mode]]
Mega Winger Fighter Mode
Width: 27 m
Height: 58 m
Weight: 30,000 tons
Power: 55,000,000

"Mega Winger, launch!"
―Launch announcement[src]
"Dengeki Henkei!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

The Mega Winger (メガウインガー Mega Uingā) is the personal mecha of MegaSilver which first appeared in a cameo appearance at the end of episode 35, but made its first actual battle debut in the following episode. Developed in secret by Yuusaku as an addition to the "Space Mega Project", Mega Winger could change from Flyer Mode (フライヤーモード Furaiyā Mōdo) to Fighter Mode (ファイターモード Faitā Mōdo) in phenomenal speed with the command "Blitzkrieg Transformation" (電撃変形 Dengeki Henkei).

Mega Winger's main weapon was the Winger Cannon (ウインガーキャノン Uingā Kyanon) a bow shaped four barreled blaster which required both hands to operate. It could also generate a hexagonal energy shield in front of itself and has the ability to donate its Mega Wing (メガウイング Mega Uingu) to Mega Voyager, transforming it into Wing Mega Voyager.


In episode 50, Mega Winger was badly damaged by Burning Yugande while defending the I.N.E.T. Moonbase. Though Yuusaku was able to get it moving and used it to free the Voyager Machines from the rubble of the Moonbase, the strain of doing so while damaged ultimately caused Mega Winger to break down for good.

Wing Mega VoyagerEdit

Wing Mega Voyager
Combined From: Rovoyager-1
Shuttle Voyager-2
Rocket Voyager-3
Saucer Voyager-4
Tank Voyager-5
Mega Winger
Width: 70 m
Height: 70 m
Weight: 48000 tons
Speed: Mach 2.8
Power: 65,000,000

When Mega Winger donates its Mega Wing, Mega Voyager becomes Wing Mega Voyager (ウイグメガボイジャー Uingu Mega Boijā). In this form, Mega Voyager gains increased aerial flight capabilities and a new finisher called Winger Spartan (ウインガースパルタン Uingā Suparutan) where the Voyager Spartan is fired while in flight. During episode 39, the Megarangers were able to form Wing Mega Voyager without the Mega Winger being present.

Appearances: Megaranger Episodes 36-37, 39, 41, Denji Sentai Megaranger vs. Carranger




In Gokaiger, Mega Winger's Mega Wing serves as the Greater Power of the Megarangers, which is granted to the Gokaigers by Kenta. Ep. 39: Why? We're High School Students When Gokai Silver used the Mega Silver Ranger Key, it summoned the Mega Wing onto GoZyuJin's back, forming Wing GoZyuJin (ウイング豪獣神 Uingu Gōjūjin) and allowing it to perform the Gokai Spartan (ゴーカイスパルタン Gōkai Suparutan) where Wing GoZyuJin performs a flying drill thrust that destroyed multiple Zangyack ships. Ep. 50: The Day of Battle


Mega Winger's transformation sequence and jet mode are similar to Daidenzin.


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