Length: 11 m
Width: 13.5 m
Weight: 150 tons
Speed: Mach 3


File:Galaxy Mega Shuttle Booster.jpg
"Galaxy Mega!"

MegaShuttle (メガシャトル Mega Shatoru) is a two component vessel used to transport I.N.E.T. personnel between Earth and space.

During the combination into Galaxy Mega, the MegaShuttle forms the head and thruster backpack, while the Shuttle Booster (シャトルブースター Shatoru Būsutā) that takes MegaShuttle into space forms the Booster Rifle (with the fuel tank holding the handle and muzzle). The orbiter docks in the nose of the MegaShip while the Shuttle Booster can be docked to its underside. On the toy, the Shuttle Booster can be separated into three pieces with the boosters attaching to the sides as a pair of missiles and the fuel tank becoming a dorsal mounted cannon. This function however was never used in the actual show.

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