Shinken KabutoOriGami
Kabuto Origami
Number: 6
Pilot: Shinken Green
Sentai: Samurai Sentai Shinkenger
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Length: 44.3 m
Width: m
Height: 16.1 m
Weight: 900 tons
Speed: 600

Kabuto Origami (兜折神 Kabuto Origami Kabuto Folding God): A support Origami summoned from the Kabuto Disc. Kabuto Origami can twist its head to use its horn to trip an enemy or fire from long distences. The Kabuto Origami can combine with Samurai Gattai ShinkenOh to form Kabuto Shinkenoh (カブトシンケンオー Kabuto Shinken'ō), able to unlease a torrent of firepower with its Kabuto Cannon (兜砲 Kabutohō) attack. Kabuto Shinkenoh's final attack is Kabuto Great Revolving Cannon (兜大回転砲 Kabuto Daikaitenhō), its helmet spins to produce a fireball to launch at the enemy. The Kabuto Origami forms part of the right wing and feather tips of DaiTenku.

The original user of the Kabuto Origami is Takeru Shiba. When the team decided to form Daitenku, he assigned it to Mako Shiraishi. However, on Chiaki's improvement in the use of wordplay, she passed the Disk to him, giving him control of the Kabuto Origami.