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Jirou Iwamoto (岩本 ジロウ Iwamoto Jirō) is a student of class 3-A of Moroboshi High School and classmate of the five Megarangers. He usually is seen alongside his friend Shintarou Wada, particularly helping his friend attempt to win over the heart of Miku Imamura. Jirou became friends with Shintarou as children when the larger-set male befriended him after being bullied by others.Ep. 45: Stubborn! Hinelar's Big Strike Back

After Shintarou becomes brainwashed by Dr. Hinelar to serve his Hinelar City, Jirou gained the assistance of his fellow student (unknowing they were the Megaranger) to save him from the city.Ep. 45: Stubborn! Hinelar's Big Strike Back

During the Hell Nejilar incident where a Psycho Nejilar attacks Moroboshi High and the Megarangers' true identities are revealed to their fellow students, Jirou gets hurt in the midst of the defense of the school, making him hospitalized and making the five scorned by their classmates, including Shintarou. Only when Jirou returns from the hospital to cheer his fellow students on during their final battle with Dr. Hinelar does Shintarou finally get over the scorn, allowing for the team to have the support to stand up and defeat the mad doctor before graduating from Moroboshi High.Ep. 49: Despair! We're Outcasts!?-Ep. 51: Seize it! Our Diplomas

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