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The I.N.E.T. Moonbase (月面基地 Getsumen Kichi) is a large structure built on Earth's Moon that is the main research and development base for the International Network of Excel-Science and Technology. It is the main facility for all main I.N.E.T. scientists, including Yuusaku Hayakawa after they initially abandon Earth upon Neziregia's initial invasion. After the near-destruction of Galaxy Mega, the main I.N.E.T. supporters of the Megaranger, including Professor Eikichi Kubota, abandon their position on the Megaship and set up management of the team on the moonbase.Ep. 33: Cheerful! The Lover Who Came From the Moon While originally intended as the storage facility for the Voyager Machines, the I.N.E.T. Moonbase later served as the storage facility for all of the Megarangers' mecha (the Megaship and Delta Mega were moved there following the battle against Mad Guirail and Yuusaku later secretly added an area to store his own mecha, the Mega Winger).

As Dr. Hinelar prepares his final stage of his own battle against the Megaranger, Yugande uses his final upgraded form to initially attack the moonbase as revenge on the Megaranger and on I.N.E.T. The attack heavily damages the base, taking out the Delta Mega and damaging the Mega Winger, while preventing the launch of any vehicles other than Mega Voyager during their team's final battle with the Grand Neziros.Ep. 50: Sublime! The Red-Hot Super Soldier YugandeFinal Ep.: Seize it! Our Diplomas

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