Grand Neziros Edit

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In the last episode Dr. Hinelar turned the Death Niziro into Grand Neziros (グランネジロス Guran Nejirosu), a giant combat robot, his ultimate creation to which he pilots as his personal mecha. Among its abilities, it can regenerate lost limbs, which was demonstated after its right arm was blown off by the Voyager Spartan, grab targets with its tentacles and move them around or electrocute them, and used a lance-type sword.

With its superior fighting capabilities, it easily outclassed the Mega Voyager and greatly damaged it, including cutting off the mecha's left arm with its sword and drawing it to the Megaranger's school. After their classmates regain their hope in the Megarangers and cheer them on, the Megarangers are able to fight back with renewed valor.

Using the Mega Voyager, the Megarangers strip Grand Niziros of its sword and counterattack. Grand Niziros then grabs on tightly to the Mega Voyager's waist, where Dr. Hinelar announces his intention to self-destruct Grand Niziros and destroy both the Megarangers and their school.

To protect the building's occupants, the Megarangers were forced to carry Grand Neziros into the sky with Mega Voyager, nearly sacrificing themselves in the process when both mecha are destroyed following Grand Neziros' self destruction.

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