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Kakure Daishogun
Combined From:
Sentai Show: Ninja Sentai Kakuranger
First Appearance: Episode 31: Behold!! A New Shogun
Last Appearance:
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Length: m
Width: m
Height: 58 m
Weight: 7200 t
Speed: km/h

"Five-God Fusion! Kakure Daishogun!"

Kakure Daishogun (隠れ 大将軍, Kakure Daishōgun, Hidden Commander-in-Chief): The third and last of the Three God Generals to be discovered. Instead of weapons, Kakure Daishogun is a purely hand to hand combatant. The right fist has the power of the ape and and can perform the God Hammer Punch (ゴッドハンマーパンチ, Goddo Hanmā Panchi) while the left one has the power of the wolf and can perform the God Burst Chop (ゴッドバーストチョップ, Goddo Bāsuto Choppu). It's finisher is the Iron Fist God Finish (鉄拳ゴッドフィニッシュ, Tekken Goddo Finisshu) when both attacks are done simultaneously.

Super Ninja BeastsEdit

Ninja zords

Super Ninja Beasts

Kakure Daishogun is composed of the five Super Ninja Beasts (超忍獣, Chōninjū) formed from the command "Five-God Fusion" (五神合体, Goshin Gattai). After finding the Shinobi Scrolls (忍之巻, Shinobi no Maki), which hold many of the Kakurangers' techniques and powers, the Kakurangers were able to call forth and pilot the mighty Chounin Beasts. These mighty creatures are called forth using the Shinobi Scrolls and the command "Hidden Style: Super Ninja Beast Jutsu!" (隠れ流・超忍獣の術, Kakureryū: Chōninjū no Jutsu). Although very powerful as separate fighting units, the Beasts can combine to become the last of the God Generals.

Super Stealth Beast God SaruderEdit

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God Saruder

"Hidden Style Art of the Super Stealth Beasts! God Saruder!"

God Saruder (ゴッドサルダー, Goddo Sarudā): Piloted by NinjaRed, armed with the connecting Saruder Double Swords (サルダーダブルソード, Sarudā Daburu Sōdo). Forms Kakure Daishogun's right arm. Helped out in Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai.

Super Stealth Beast God KarkEdit

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Crane Ninja Zord

God Kark

"Hidden Style Art of the Super Stealth Beasts! God Kark!"

God Kark (ゴッドカーク, Goddo Kāku): Piloted by NinjaWhite, armed with the Flying Beam (フライングビーム, Furaingu Bīmu) attack. Forms Kakure Daishogun's head.

Super Stealth Beast God LoganEdit

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Wolf Ninja Zord

God Logan

"Hidden Style Art of the Super Stealth Beasts! God Logan!"

God Logan (ゴッドロウガン, Goddo Rogan): Piloted by NinjaBlue, armed with the Logan Attack (ロウガンアタック, Rōgan Atakku) and Eye Beams. Forms Kakure Daishogun's left arm.

Super Stealth Beast God KumardEdit

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God Kumard

"Hidden Style Art of the Super Stealth Beasts! God Kumard!"

God Kumard (ゴッドクマード, Goddo Kumādo): Piloted by NinjaYellow, armed with Eye Beams and Stomp Attack. Forms Kakure Daishogun's upper torso, and the toy version carries the right hand in its underbelly and sports the left hand as its tail.

Super Stealth Beast God GammerEdit

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Frog Ninjazord

God Gammer

"Hidden Style Art of the Super Stealth Beasts! God Gammer!"

God Gammer (ゴッドガンマー, Goddo Ganmā): Piloted by NinjaBlack, armed with Gammer Fire (ガンマーファイヤー, Ganmā Faiyā) and Gammer Dynamite (ガンマーダイナマイト, Ganmā Dainamaito) attack, where God Gammer wrappes it's tongue around a Youkai, then release many smaller versions of itself, which would latch on the trapped Yokai and explode. Forms Kakure Daishogun's lower torso and legs.

Later historyEdit

Gaoranger vs. Super SentaiEdit

Years later, Super Stealth Beast God Saruder appeared as part of an army of robots, animals, jets, machines and vehicles belonging to the first 25 red heroes. As anticipated by Soukichi Banba (Big One), they were led by Akira Shinmei (AoRenger) and Chief Counsellor Naoyuki Miura to help fight Lost Highness Rakushaasa. Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai


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