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Giant God Gagadom
Episode: Task 20: The Brand-New Giant
Sentai Show: GoGo Sentai Boukenger
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Giant God Gagadom (巨神ガガドム Kyoshin Gagadomu 20) was created by Arch Priest Gajah with a giant Gordom Engine. However, it was stolen from Gajah by Gai and Rei, who referred to it as their "Quester Robo." Gagadom had the ability to combine its Gordom Engine power with Gai's and Rei's to create a powerful energy blast and to tunnel into the ground, as well as use the powerful Lightning Cannon. While Gai was fighting off the Boukengers, Rei retrieved the Lightning Cannon with Gagadom by burying deep into the Earth. Gagadom easily defeated DaiBouken and the individual GoGo Vehicles, as well as set fire to the city, however BoukenSilver put the fire out. Gagadom was destroyed by BoukenSilver's newly-formed SirenBuilder's Triple Liquid Bomber attack.