This page highlights the differences between Yuusaku Hayakawa and Zhane.

Silver Space Ranger


Yuusaku Hayakawa Zhane
Yuusaku worked on the Voyager Machines prior to becoming MegaSilver. Zhane was injured on KO-35 and frozen for two years.
Yuusaku could only stay morphed for 2.5 minutes due to an intentional flaw programmed in to keep suit as a prototype. Zhane could only stay morphed for 2.5 minutes due to being morphed in cryo stasis for two years.
Yuusaku fixed the design flaw himself to remove the time limit. Zhane had to use a lightning storm to recharge his Digimorpher to remove the time limit.
Yuusaku built the Mega Winger. Zhane was given Mega Winger by the rebels from KO-35.
Yuusaku was several years older than the other Megarangers. Zhane was the same age as other Space Rangers.
Yuusaku never met any of his team prior to events of Megaranger. Zhane was best friends with Andros.
Yuusaku is of Earth but resided in I.N.E.T.'s base on Earth's moon. Zhane is from KO-35.
Yuusaku appeared in the Denji Sentai Megaranger vs. Carranger team-up with the Carrangers. Zhane was still frozen during events of True Blue to the Rescue.
Yuusaku stole his powers to use illegally against the order of his superiors Zhane gained and used his powers as part of the KO-35 resistance
Yuusaku once disguised as Santa Claus to help draw the Neziranger's attention away from Miku. Zhane once disguised as a clown to help draw the Psycho Ranger's attention away from Cassie.
Yuusaku told the others about his transformation weakness. Later as he was working to get the time limit fixed, Miku and Kenta thought Yuusaku was dying until he later set them straight after the battle, confirming to them that he has a clean bill of health to which the others scold them for their misunderstanding. Zhane did not tell the others about his transformation weakness and when Alpha 6 told him about his time limit, the other rangers misinterpreted this information, thinking Zhane was dying. Later after Alpha busted Zhane for taking advantage of them, he was forced to clean the entire Astro Megaship.
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