This page highlights the differences between Kouichirou Endou and Carlos Vallerte.

Black Space Ranger


Kouichirou Endou Carlos Vallerte
Was the unofficial leader of the Megarangers. Wasn't the leader of the Space Rangers, nor second-in-command.
President of the "Digital Research Club" at high school. Didn't seem to have an interest in computers.
Was not Green Racer prior to becoming MegaBlack. Was the second Green Turbo Ranger, after Adam Park.
Very concerned about schoolwork. Seems to be more laid back than Sentai counterpart.
Used Megatector Armor. Megatector Armor never adapted.
Retired from soccer. Star of the soccer team at Angel Grove High.
Was not discovered to be a Megaranger by little girl. This situation happened with Kenta Date. Was found out by a little girl that he is a Space Ranger.
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