This page highlights the differences between Kenta Date and Andros.

Red Space Ranger


Kenta Date Andros
Kenta was second-In-command of the Megarangers. Andros was leader of the Space Rangers.
Kenta had a humorous, carefree personality. Andros had a mostly serious, loner personality.
Kenta was from Earth. Andros was from KO-35.
Kenta was in high school. Andros wasn't in high school.
Kenta had no family connections to villains. Andros' sister was main villain, Astronema.
Kenta never used Battlizer Armor. Andros was the first Ranger to use Battlizer Armor.
Kenta could power-up his Drill Sniper Custom with the button 03 from his Battle Rizer. Andros could not power-up his Spiral Saber Booster Mode, as the 03 from his Battlizer was used for the Battlizer armor instead.
Kenta used Megatector armor. Megatector Armor was never adapted.
Kenta became a Megaranger with the other four. Andros was already Space Ranger for at least two years.
Kenta traveled in space twice Andros is a seasoned space traveler
Kenta was to be the first Megaranger due to being skilled at video games Andros was the first Space Ranger due to his battle to save KO-35
Kenta does return in Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger for tribute episode. Andros did not return in Power Rangers Super Megaforce as part of a cameo for the final episode expect only in costume.
Kenta was found out by little girl that he was a Megaranger. Andros was not found out by little girl that he was a Space Ranger. This situation happened with Carlos Vallerte. However, that same girl would later team up with him when they were sent to Secret City.
Kenta does not appear in any extra seasons. Never teamed up with Boi nor Hiroto Sutou. Andros appeared in Power Rangers HyperForce. Teamed up with the HyperForce Rangers, Aisha Campbell, and Gem.
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