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Dr. Hinelar Furio
Was the main villain of Megaranger. But he never met Space Pirates Balban nor fought the Gingaman. Was only a General for Scorpius and Trakeena, He is rival of Leo Corbett for the first nine episodes.

He never worked for United Alliance of Evil nor met or fought the Space Rangers.

His primary form was that of a human. Only took on the form of a monster in the final episode. His main, and only form was that of a monster. He had no human form, neither as a primary or secondary form.
Killed, destroying the Grand Neziros in a last effort to destroy the Megarangers. He had no connection with Lights of Ginga. Self-destructed after he failed to secure The Lights of Orion. He had no connection with Tankenstein.
He betrayed his master, Javious by using the Nezirangers to drain his life force. But he never met Captain Zahab and Steerwoman Shelinda. He never betrayed his master, Scorpius.

Had no connection to the Psycho Rangers.

Never worked for Dark Specter.

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