This article is about an monster in Denji Sentai Megaranger.

Bibidebi (ビビデビ) is a playful imp-like creature that Dr. Hinelar modified to enlarge the Nezire Beasts by injecting them with a Growth Virus through his bite. He apparently died when the Grand Neziros was destroyed by Mega Voyager's suicide attempt, but was later revealed to have teleported Hinelar's final creation, Hizumina, out of the giant robot before its destruction.


Anglerfish Nezire

Canary Nezilar

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Bibidebi appears as a small, imp-like creature with a spherical body, tiny bat wings, and a trident which he constantly carries around. While mostly harmless, Bibidebi on occasion has formulated plans that if successful would have spelt the end for the Megarangers; such as shooting Toad Nejire's eggs with an evolution beam in order to increase their growth and raise an army of Toad Nejires.  He is loyal to Dr.Hinelar and very much towards Shibolena. He even has affection towards her as seen when he sent Canary Nezilar out to mainly spark her interest towards him. Bibidebi doesn't get along very well with Yugande due to his more serious and hot-headed; nor with Guirail because of the abuse he inflicts upon him.


  • His name come from the song "Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo" from Walt Disney's 1950 animated adaptation of Cinderella (ビビデバビデブー) and "devil" (デビル)
  • Even though Bibidebi was never shown in Power Rangers, a toy figure of him was released in the US with the Craterite toy, the American counterpart of Soldiers Kunekune. Said toy figure was named "Hyprus" in the packaging.
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